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A tale of two cameras…

lundi, octobre 25th, 2010

Ok, so my father (thank you Dad) offered me a 550D (Rebel T2i for those from the other side of the ocean).

I wanted this camera as my B camera to complete my 7D based setup.

Here’s a picture of this little guy, stuffed with my favorite 24-70 f2.8L lens.

And this guy knows some cool tricks. First, all useful commands and buttons are on ONE side (the right side). That means one handed operation : GREAT. Second, the video mode has a dedicated position on the mode selection knob : VERY GREAT. What that means is that the flat picture style you created for video recording is applied ONLY to video. When you’re back in any still picture mode, you’re not shooting flat. And that’s simply brilliant. Ok, you can do that with the C1-C3 modes on your 7D. But having this video position is so handy…

Still, it will remain my B camera (and also my only camera for vacations, week ends, and having around at every moment) and it will not replace my A camera, a Zacuto infused, heavy 7D, pictured below.

Canon Expo Paris 2010

mercredi, octobre 13th, 2010

Découvrez mes photos et impressions de la Canon Expo Paris 2010 ci-dessous !

Le maître mot de la Canon Expo 2010. Cet événement organisé tous les 5 ans présente les dernières innovations de la marque ainsi que les concepts qui donneront, peut être, naissance à de nouveaux produits.

Zacuto Z-Finder EVF : 2ème partie / part 2

lundi, octobre 11th, 2010

Voici la seconde vidéo publiée par Zacuto au sujet du Z-Finder EVF : cette fois il s’agit d’une discussion sur l’ergonomie et sur le design en « deux morceaux » qui le différencie des produits concurrents.

This is the second video about Zacuto’s Z-Finder EVF. This time it’s about ergonomics, especially the two pieces design.

Zacuto Z-Finder EVF! If you are seeing this please upgrade your Flash Player at

Paris HDSLR Meetup

dimanche, octobre 10th, 2010

Following the Paris HDSLR Meetup organized by Sebastian Wiegärtner – see his blog post I made a short video. It’s meant to be more an archive document than anything, I wasn’t planning to do anything from this footage at the beginning but some images produced by the 7D are so beautiful… and compensate for my poor shooting and editing skills.

Paris HDSLR Meetup 5 Oct. 2010 from Michel Luczak on Vimeo.

Mort de rire…

dimanche, octobre 3rd, 2010

A lire absolument… rien que le titre de l’image : Red Epic Fail.

Jim Jannard admits defeat against DSLRs, says Scarlet was a mistake